Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ay to Zee

A - Animals/Pets: A small pesky, but extremely cute, little dog and formerly a cute, but brain-damaged, cat that now lives with my best friend. (See below).
B - Best Friend: An ex-lover
C - Cohabitants: Mr. Lesbian, my dog and a new and unwanted puppy that Mr. Lesbian just bought yesterday in direct violation of our agreement about pets.
D - Desire(s): To be happy in do-able increments throughout the day.
E - Eye Color: Green, with grey rims
F - Favorite Food(s): I love huge hunks of steaming, locally-grown vegetables and pretty much anything that I cook. I make absolutely phenomenal soups of all kinds.
G - Games: Occasionally Scrabble, but hate and detest card games. I've played "The Ungame" with clients and my granddaughter, who thinks that it's hokey.
H - Habit(s): Looking for rogue chin hairs to pluck.
I - Interests: Reading (Psych books particularly, but occasionally novels), writing, playing the piano when I get anywhere near one, cooking, activism around sustainability issues, staring out of the window, bird watching.
J - Job: Sex Therapist
K - Kitchen (Wonder or Blunder?): Wonder! I'm a great cook, and folks are always dropping by at mealtimes "just in case."
L - Languages: French, German and English
M - Most Valued Possession(s) (an item, not people/pets): A 3-ring binder in which I keep all my credentials, such as CE's, immigration papers, etc. It's THE thing I would grab if there was a fire in my house.
N - Name (Named after?): I don't use my real name on this blog. Sapphique I picked because it seems fitting.
O - Outfit You Love: Pajamas - win hands down every time!
P - Pizza Toppings: Spinach, Bacon, Ricotta cheese, roasted red peppers.
Q - Question Asked To You the Most: "Did you lose weight?" followed by a compliment on how I look. No, I've not lost weight, and shut the fuck up for continually asking me about something so transparently manipulative and irrelevant!!
R - Relationship/Partner: Yes. But this is a doomed partnership.
S - Sport: (Playing) When my knees were good, I loved mountain biking. (Watching) Ice Skating.
T - Television Show(s): I've recently become very fond of "Eli Stone" thanks to my daughter. Otherwise, I don't watch network TV.
U - Unsavory characteristic(s): Procrastination vis a vis things financial (i.e. paying taxes), doubting own intelligence on occasion, occasional (but not unchecked) self-loathing.
V - Video (Favorites): Anything featuring Marilyn Monroe.
W - Webpage (Favorite--not your own): Kate Harding
X - Xylophone (or other Instrument?): Piano, violin, timpani drums, tenor and soprano recorders.
Y - Year Born: 1953
Z - Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius



Blogger Grumpy Granny said...

I particularly enjoyed "H"!



11:15 AM  
Blogger Alex said...

Just stumbled accross your blog. Looks like fun!

9:28 PM  
Anonymous SusanGabriel said...

I love your writing and the way you think about things. Any chance you'll post more?

All the best,

7:29 AM  
Blogger Sapphique said...


Thanks for your encouraging words. I think about writing a great deal, but don't make the time for it. However, I very much appreciate that you took the time to tell me. And yes, I'll be trying to post more.


11:15 AM  

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