Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ten Cool Things About Living Near Lesbianville, USA

1. The local (and one and only) store in my town of 800 residents is owned by a lesbian couple.
2. Every other car has a rainbow sticker on the bumper.
3. When I asked a local gay man where I could take my gay brother for a drink in a gay-friendly pub, he looked confused, stumbled over his words and said "But Sapphique, EVERY bar around here is gay friendly!"
4. You can have as many cats as you want and nobody will mock you and call you The Crazy Cat Lady.
5. The mayor of Lesbianville guessed it.....a lesbian!
6. You're assumed to be a lesbian unless you "come out" heterosexual.
7. Clothes-wise, anything goes. (I'm SO thrilled that there's no dress code. I have cultivated what a former friend used to call "bed-to-day-wear.")
8. Gay-friendly cops! The local sheriff introduced himself to us in the parking lot of a nearby bank saying "We love same-sex couples around here, gals!"
9. Monthly lesbian potlucks for any lesbian in a 20 mile radius.
10. It's a huge relief to finally feel like you're no longer in an unwanted minority.


Blogger Sh@ney said...

You have been added to the LGBT Bloggers List I am compiling because I think you are fabulous.
hugs & take care

7:44 PM  
Blogger Sapphique said...

Sh@ney, than you for adding me to your list. I'm sure I'd think you were fabulous too if I knew you! Keep reading!


10:24 AM  

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