Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Caught by the Short Hairs

I took a big step. It won't seem that big to some of you, but for me it was enormous. I cut my hair short. Leastways I didn't cut it. Fiona at Vidal Sassoon's in Boston cut it. However, it was one small step for lesbiankind, and a step that Mr. Lesbian considered an insult to hir. S/he has a distinct preference for long hair on hir sexual partners. I've put up with my "crowning glory" of blonde curls for many years, until looking in the mirror the other day and suddenly realizing, "Hey, that's not me!" And with several swift swipes of the stylist's scissors, my curls lay on the floor.

Oh how liberating!

Oh how fabulous!

Oh how many products I'm now required to use to keep the aforementioned shorn locks looking spikey and pristine!

Oh how much harder it is to look after short hair, than it is to "wash and wear" long hair!

This is not your mother's short hair - no blue rinse for me, no sirree bob! And you won't see me climbing behind the steering wheel of a powder-blue Buick now (or ever for that matter). However, Paul Mitchell's "Dry Wax" keeps the sides slicked back, and the top poofy and spikey and Dove Flexible hairspray (isn't that an oxymoron?) keeps the hair in place when all faffing has been completed. I can now turn up at Michigan Wimmin's Music Festival and hold my head high! I can open my new "Sinister Wisdom" journal with pride!

My ears now show. This means an additional expense. The multitude of holes in my ears, left earringless for so long, look forelorn and empty of bling. So I had to load up on studs in my ears, which meant a trip to the bling store.

My face, unadorned by golden locks, now looks pale and round. So I've taken to wearing more make-up to compensate. Hey...hang on! This was supposed to make me look more like me, not like some slightly less trailer-trash Nancy Grace!

::::::: sigh:::::::::::

It's harder to be a lesbian than people realize.


Blogger luvmyllife said...

Yes it does take some work to be a lesbian! I am with you,got my 'liberating' haircut recently too. Enjoy reading your blog!

5:59 PM  
Blogger Sapphique said...


Hey, stick around...nice to hear from you - projected empathy is one of my favorite experiences, especially from other you-know-who's!

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to talk a lesbian friend into growing HERS out. I'll never understand the short hair thing. Ugh! Her g/f had super long hair, and eventually strted dating guys, but that's another story.

3:16 PM  
Blogger Sapphique said...

Anon, there's always another story, right? :-)

12:01 AM  

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