Tuesday, October 03, 2006

100 Things

I took this from Suburban Lesbian's blog site. I really love lists.

1. I don't know how tall I am. Sometimes I say 5'3". Sometimes 5'4".
2. I'm of a certain age, i.e. I'm forgetful. I have to write numbers down or I've forgotten them 3 seconds later.
3. I have had my height measured. But then I forget what it is.
4. I don't like chocolate.
5. I like home-made carrot cake best.
6. I had my first orgasm when I was 25 years old.
7. I did it myself.
8. My favorite food is Sushi.
9. There is no signficance to, or subliminal association with, the order of the above 3 "favorites."
10. My least favorite foods are squid and octopus.
11.Not all Sushi restaurants like to substitute the above least favorite foods from the menu.
12.I'm a true Sagittarian. I used to fire those damn arrows and follow them anywhere they landed.
13. I still fire those damn arrows. I just don't follow them as frequently.
14. I like expensive Italian men's leather shoes as long as they have square toes.
15. I bit my nails until I left home at 18 years of age.
16. I used to smoke 3 packs of Rothmans cigarettes a day until 18 years ago.
17. I had a brief stint as a vegetarian chef.
18. I make fat-free muffins that taste like full fat and are to die for! (Recipe supplied on request!)
19. I prefer Macs, but I work on PC's.
20. I had a stint working for AOL as a chat room facilitator.
21. I trained as a ballet dancer in my youth.
22. I used to do illegal acts when I belonged to "Women Against Violence Against Women." (Hint: We were not against acts of violence towards men.)
23. I'm a pacifist.
24. I am a lazy neatnik.
25. I love how clutter looks in other people's houses, but I hate living with it in my own.
26. I'm scared of spiders.
27. My brother is gay.
28. I love to knit with mohair wool.
29. I plucked my eyebrows a couple of times in my teenage years, and they never grew back.
30. I am doomed to a look of "constant surprise" ever since.
31. I love Brooke Shields' eyebrows.
32. I only wear cotton underwear.
33. I prefer cotton bras.
34 I didn't wear a bra until 8 years ago.
35. I didn't sweat until I was in my mid-twenties. My face would grow red, but no perspiration.
36. I use unscented Secret Deodorant.
37. I too am "Safe enough for a woman, strong enough for a man."
38. I believed in Peter Pan until I was 13 years old.
39. I still have the first ever Peter Pan book I bought as a small child.
40. I prefer to swim naked.
41. In the ocean, I swim out far enough and then take off my swim suit.
42. I'm scared of having too much water below me.
43. I'm scared of drowning.
44. I can't watch movies with people drowning, boats going down, or folks trapped in cars under water. It makes me sick to my stomach.
45. My favorite ice cream flavor is Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heathbar Crunch.
46. With Butterscotch and whipped cream.
47. I'm not supposed to eat it.
48. I recently dropped 60 lbs in weight.
49. Eating Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heathbar crunch was not on the menu.
50. This list is much harder to write than I thought, but ah, the joys of the half-way mark!
51. I'm not a practicing buddhist but I'm drawn to Kuan Yin (sometimes spelled Quan Yin or Kwan Yin), Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. I have many statues of her in my study at home.
52. Couples Therapy is my favorite thing to do as a psychotherapist.
53. The last non-fiction book I read was about Michael Jackson. (Yeah, I know!)
54. I love the idea of the mythology behind mermaids and "Silkies."
55. I think red-headed mermaids are hot.
56. When I was a little girl, I asked my grandfather to take me for a lollipop. He said the weather was too cold, so I asked him to take me for a hot one instead.
57. My paternal grandfather was the person I loved most in the world. He died when I was 6 years old.
58. My father is a drunk.
59. My parents are divorced. They separated when I was 28 years old.
60. I'm secretly fascinated (and also horrified) by "The Girls Next Door" on E! TV.
61. My father subscribed to Playboy when I was a child.
62. Playboy's "Little Annie Fannie" was my youngst sister's favorite cartoon character when she was a child.
63. My parents didn't see anything wrong with that.
64. I play the piano.
65. When I was young, I learned to play the piano, the Timpani drums, the violin, the descant and tenor recorders and the cello. The piano and recorders "took."
66. I speak French, German and English. I took 7 years of Latin in school.
67. I lived in (what was then West) Berlin for a number of years.
68. I worked in an Antique bookstore on the Rue St. Jacques in Paris, France, when I was in my late teens.
69. I was on the pill when I got pregnant.
70. I came out when my daughter was still a baby.
71. My favorite home goods catalog is "Ballard Designs."
72. Followed by Pottery Barn.
73. The walls of my study are painted sage green.
74. I play computer Scrabble for hours.
75. I frequently beat the computer.
76. I stay in relationships longer than I should.
77. I love my daughter so much that when I look at her my heart hurts in my chest.
78. And no, I don't have heart problems.
79. But I do have stretch marks.
80. I'm a Netflix addict.
81. The last DVD I watched was, "The Celluloid Closet." I cried all the way through.
82. Breast implants are mysogynistic.
83. My first lover had really, really small breasts. She called them her "two fried eggs."
84. I think I'm fixated on breasts today.
85. Easy to understand why.
86. The last two search terms for this blog were "lipstick wearing husband" and "lezzbe."
87. Mr. Lesbian plays soccer.
88. On a women's over 50 team.
89. S/he is not "out" as transgender.
90. I'm writing but should be packing.
91. Boxes for moving that is...not packing as in "PACKING!"
92. Mr. Lesbian calls hir dildo "Captain."
93. The last one was called "Esmerelda." I cut it in half and threw it away in a fit of pique after a big fight.
94. Appearances to the contrary, I am not subject to impulsive actions such as that.
95. I'm currently reading Sheila Jeffreys book, "Unpacking Queer Politics."
96. I'm disagreeing with it a lot. (Do I feel another Sheila Jeffreys blog coming on?)
97. The second half of this list has gone much faster than I expected.
98. I recently bought a big pile of silk camisoles for the first time in my life.
99. I wish I had time for a nap every day.
100. I'm going away to Maine for the weekend with Mr. Lesbian, to stay at a fancy hotel on the coast.


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