Saturday, September 30, 2006

People, people...

I have Sitemeter on this blog, which means that I can sneak around and have a look at who is looking at my blog. It doesn't give me people's email addresses, but I can frequently get their domain, and get a sense of where in the world people are living who read my blog. And sometimes people are clearly web-crawling at work.

This got me to thinking. Don't most places now keep an eye on where employees are spending their time on the internet? And don't most of these companies red-flag certain keywords so that they can tell if employees are looking at sites they shouldn't be looking at?

If you work for a big company or a state-owned organization, say like...oh, I don't know....say the Texas State Comptrollers of Public Accounts at the State of Texas General Services Commission wouldn't you have to be careful about where you were looking online?

Just a question.

(Keep reading, wontcha?)


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