Friday, October 06, 2006

Searsport, Maine - here I come!

It's official. We're going to Searsport, Maine this weekend! (Go on..go look it up on Google..I'll wait here for you while you do!)

The weather is going to be gorgeous, and despite the hints that Mr. Lesbian is dropping about not needing to take clothes because we'll be in the luxury hotel room all weekend (over my dead, cold, un-aroused body!), I've packed my cutest duds.

So, do any other dyke girlfriends out there take on the responsibility for the packing? Hmmm. I never did this before when I had lesbian girlfriends. We always took responsibility for our own packing. Mr. Lesbian, trans soul that s/he is, looks crestfallen if I don't pack for h/ir. So, I have capitulated again. Plus, it's really the only way I can guarantee that h/ir clothes won't be covered in automotive droppings. There I am packing the hairdryer and socks that match my shirts, and s/he's making sure that the Pepcid is packed and has printed out the maps online, checked the oil levels in my convertible and has picked out h/ir one pair of shoes that are going with us. (I never travel with less than 3 pairs. Anybody else?) Very gendered travel responsibilities, wouldn't you say?

Squirming with embarrassment as I type this, I realize that I'm shocked to think what a bunch of queer folks whom I have never met (yes, that's you lot) will think about these superficial ramblings. It's hard to believe, but I'm a kick-ass dyke feminist, I really am! My poor dykely brain still hasn't figured out how to make sense of this partner who looks like a woman, and is a man. I can't quite orient myself and I'm shocked by this. I respond to h/ir obvious femaleness, and don't know what to make of the maleness. It's not like s/he's butch. As I've said elsewhere, nothing butch about Mr. Lesbian. Wimpy guy energy, yes. Butch, nope. I'm attracted and completely turned off with one fell swoop.

Anybody else out there been through this? Anyone?


Blogger Jamie said...

We do our own packing but she always unpacks when we return home as I'm lazy and have lost interest by then!

I know a few couples where one or the other is trans and all have gone through simular feelings.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Sapphique said...

Jamie, you are a woman after Mr. Lesbian's heart. S/he never packs OR unpacks - I do it as soon as I get home, mostly because I can't stand the mess. It's Mr. Lesbian's job to pack the suitcase back up in its plastic bag and return it to the basement. S/he usually accomplishes that promptly, as long as the suitcase is left in a very prominent place - preferably someplace where s/he'll trip over it a minimum of 25 times before making the trip down the stairs out of exasperation.

10:15 PM  

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